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Lovely Comments from United Junk

Web Best Practice have re-vamped & re-built our website, giving it a long overdue update! I'm very happy with the service we have received, especially from Brandon & Katie whom have both proved to be very responsive and attentive, willing to...

Know your product and Don't settle!

Know your product and Don't settle!

Having been apart of the Business for Breakfast networking group for now the second year. It was not a huge shock that when I arrived there and was presented to do ten minute overview to help the group make a bigger impact online. Forgive me, but...

Its Time To Respond – Are you Ready.

As business owners we have the goal of turning online visitors into paying customers.

Daily we run into two problems online. The first is ensuring the “Right” Level of traffic arrives at the website  - The second is Conversion.

When a potential customer...

Let face the music and Dance.

There may be trouble ahead. 

But whilst there is moonlight and love and romance. Let face the music and Dance. 

This morning a client asked a really great question. What if I get a website. What happens then??? 

Its a great...


Having just finished another Great website, one of our clients wanted some tips to working on Google. I thought it appropriate to put together this Six step strategy to get yourself found on Google and Fast.

The first thing to...

15 Vital Tips For A Facebook Page

15 Vital Tips For A Facebook Page

Benefits of having a fan page on Facebook

When you own your own company, or you are even just a personality that writes your own blog, it is...

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