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10 Reasons Why Manchester Is GREAT!

Discover why Manchester is a great place to be

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Before the lockdown I would travel a lot. 

London, Birmingham through to Preston and Leeds. We get around. 

You know what is great about Manchester. We are a city that can combine the most amazing architecture with entertainment and sports to fantastic nightlife - not to mention industry and work. 

We are proud to be a Manchester Web design company. Located in Bury Manchester! Living in Manchester! 

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SO 10 Reasons Why Manchester Is GREAT! 

The People 

The people - perhaps this is just a British thing. But you know what, we pull together! When the bombing went off a few years ago. We saw the Manchester people rally together and generally give a shit about each other. Actually very much like now with the lockdown - there is an understanding and we get on with it. 

The Nightlife 

From Manchester stretching outwards. There are some great locations. Our offices are based in Bury Manchester and for sure, Bury has loads of character! Manchester is just Epic! 

The Shops

I am not really one for shopping, but for sure Manchester has hands down all the shops you can ask for! Seriously I love London. But Manchester is smaller and more compact with all the shops, bars and restaurants - what else do you need? 

We have the Trafford center, we have the Print works and Spinningfield to name but a small handful. 

The Music 

Have you ever stopped to think how many bands have come from Manchester?
Oasis, Take That and The Stone Roses to name but a small handful. 

The Restaurants 

Manchester is full of Fast food restaurants, coffee shops, Indian restaurants, Chinese and Italian eateries. There is something truly fantastic about sitting having a great meal watching the world go buy with a Glass of Red. 

The Football 

Manchester people are passionate about games and sports; Manchester United and Manchester City are known around the world and we have a great history of sports.


I am totally old school when it comes to industry & business, which is ironic considering we are a web design company. But I love the fact that Manchester is a hive of industry. From construction to dog waking - there is no shortage of businesses and people love setting up and giving it a go themselves.

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