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20 Ways to Source the Best Content


Content marketing is becoming more popular and is the best way to influence the user journey. Creating the right blog post, article or white paper can have a massive impact on your business.


But we know that creating a winning content strategy is not always easy, particularly if you suffer from writer’s block now and again. Fear not, for help is at hand as we set out 20 ways to source the best content.


1. Online Groups


Online groups are a treasure trove of great content ideas. If you scour social media, you can find people discussing everything from industries to what interests them the most allowing you to target those groups within your industry.


2. Comment Sections


The comments section is a great place to source content ideas. People who use the comments section are your ideal readers and may fit your key target market. Pay close attention to the questions they ask and tailor your content around those answers.




Who are your ideal readers, these will normally make up your target audience? Follow them and look at the type of content they engage with and who and where they share it to.


4. Hashtags


Hashtags might not seem like it, but they can be a real content asset. By clicking on a hashtag, you can see exactly what people are interested in and talking about.


5. SlideShare


SlideShare has been around for a while and provides another good platform to source content ideas from. Simply search for your ideas and popular topics and write your content to fit.


6. Industry Videos


Video content is huge and next to Google YouTube is the second biggest search engine. Find content that is relevant to your industry such as what is trending, news, and how-to videos.


7. Customer Surveys


Surveys are a great way to understand your customers wants and needs. The results can be a great source of content that you can expand on, use Survey Monkey as one way to capture this information.


8. FAQs


FAQs are a goldmine for content ideas and one way is to look at your competitor’s FAQs section and find a way to expand those answers into relevant and engaging content.


9. Recycle Content


Great content is about being able to recycle past blog posts and articles. You might have taken one direction, but you might find you can create new content using the same ideas.


10. Webinars


Webinars is another way of generating content ideas as professionals are offering them free to increase lead generation. Search for popular ones in your industry and take notes of the topics discussed.


11. E-Newsletters


Having your inbox flooded with unwanted emails can be frustrating but subscribing to e-newsletters is another way to find content ideas you may not have already thought of.


12. Google Alerts


A simple and easy tool to generate content ideas, all you need to do is set up alerts for those topics that your customers are interested in and alerts can come straight to your email as and when they happen.


13. Industry Statistics


Industry statistics can help influence you, followers, and customers, by creating content based on the findings within your chosen industry it is simple and effective.


14. Reddit


Reddit is amazing and you will be surprised just what you can learn by doing a little research seeing what people are talking about within your industry. It is these discussions that should be formulating your content ideas.


15. Google News


Find out the latest news, articles, and current trends with Google news. This is a very easy way to make sure your content is up to date and relevant.


16. Behind the Scenes


People love to be nosey and what better way to influence potential customers by giving them an insight as to what goes on behind the scenes in your business.


17. Product Launches


Building hype around a new product launch is another great way to source unique content. You can create a real buzz using content in this form.


18. Your Own Reviews


If you have used a product yourself that is related to your business, then write a review of it. You might find a way to tie it in with an existing product that potential customers might find useful.


19. Customer Reviews


Customer reviews have a huge influence in today’s online marketplace. You can spin and turn their feedback into engaging content.


20. Local News Broadcasts


Finally, there is local news, which if you pay close attention to it can have some great ideas for content perhaps tips and tricks about a topic.

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