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5 Vital points to battle the darkest of times

5 Vital points to battle the darkest of times

The simple reality is as business owners our ability to adapt and push through is really all that matters. What is clear is we have entered into a new normal  - such as controlled access to shops and restaurants, thermometer checks, masks and gloves working from home more and of course goodbye to the trusted hand shake!!! Oh and even if you are comfortable going outside your prospect may not be!

You really need to stay alert!

As web site designers this is a very interesting time as simply put more than ever people will and are turning to the internet. It does not change the fact that we ourselves have a massive transition period to embrace as does all businesses. But lets cut to the chase we are in sales and certainly in the world of sales - technology and the ability to use technology is key! 

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The following tools are vital if you are going to weather the darkest times and continue to sell a product and service you can be proud of.

The right CRM

At the end of the day. Speaking with people on the phone is the job of sales. You cannot speak with 500 people a week and remember each one. Automation, a good calendar function, notes, along with follow up is essential to building relationships. 

Zoom/ Skype/Crank Wheel

Of course the telephone is your greatest asset right now. Just our opinion. Especially as going out and meeting people is a lot less likely… So alongside the telephone you have to be comfortable sharing your screen and getting the customer to show you what they are trying to resolve. Engagement! 

Focus on the customer 

Needless to say back when you are in front of someone it is a lot easier to show that you are focused. Over the telephone ensuring you are focused and giving your prospect your full attention is vital. Write down comments, questions and answer all questions. If they are distracted - you might need to reschedule. 

Know your product offering 

Our product offering is years of understanding. It is not one morning you wake up and this is what we do. 

The customer wants to hear this. Share your stories, why the product was perfected in this way. What successes others have had with it. 

Build relationships 

Look I have sat in front of thousands of business owners over the years.

I am always confident in my offerings because I have created it. I have perfected it and I care and I believe this comes across. 

We are a great company, that said, how do I convince you we are a great company if I am not sitting in front of you? 

The answer must be simple. I remember, people buy from people. Patience, good communication and building relationships will win the day.

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