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Before you get a new website - must read

With countless website builders on the market. It offers some real value understanding what you will get from the cheaper end website builder packages VS working with web design specialists such as www.webbestpractice.co.uk

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Here are a few points worth considering when looking at the free or the cheaper end website builder packages:

An individual must learn the platform.

Whether time or money. Learning the platform, understanding the technology, getting the designs right all of which takes time and educating oneself. As such compared with a web design company - You are paying such a company to get it exactly how you want the website to be.  Allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Website Limitation

Following on from the above, as you are learning how to create your new website. You realise that there may be limitation on the website builder - as such you compromise and the end result is a website that has taken you time and not actually given you the return you were hoping for.

Cheaper builds can be risky

As Google indexes your new website, you may well decide that you want to upgrade certain points, but are unable to because of platform limitations. Replacing the build can negatively impact your search engine rankings, further as you cannot take the website away with you, there is a high chance that you will need to rebuild the website from scratch.

Let us say you want put more content up on your gallery, perhaps you want to integrate Instagram or Facebook page. Perhaps you decide you want to add a blog, or even add shopping cart. There are many types of adjustments that a cheaper end website builder package simply may restrict you on. 

In closing here are the final 10 quick points worth mention:

  1. A cheaper end website builder package cannot guarantee the design

  2. You end up spending a great deal of time without a guaranteed result

  3. You cannot guarantee the cheaper end website can be upgraded

  4. You are stuck with the cheaper end website

  5. In most cases you cannot take the website away to a new server

  6. From a web marketing point, we have greater control over structure

  7. From a usability perspective we have a greater understanding because we can use unrestricted tracking technologies

  8. As technologies change, we can adjust the website and server to give your prospects maximum chance of converting.

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For more information about our web design Manchester service - get in touch. 

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