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Build a better world with no more pandemics!

Build a better world with no more pandemics!

The last few months have certainly been a time like never before.

As website designers, we have managed to all work from our homes, for other businesses they have not been so fortunate. With all this said as life settles down, the goal is recovery and to ensure we have greater control over our economy and life it offers some benefit to keep these basic essentials in.

Social distancing 

Organise your office or place of work to ensure that your staff are two meters apart. This is a key point as well as current government guidelines. 

It is also worth mentioning that taking a moment to actually visualize what two meters actually is very useful. Personally it was only until I actually measured it, did I realise I needed to keep greater distance. 


Employers need to ensure that masks, cleaning facilities, regular hand washing is done. That staff are keeping themselves clean. That staff are well aware that they need to keep hygiene at greater levels than before the lockdown. Washing clothes more regular and showering more regular. Other vital key points that employers should embrace is that of regular sanitation spraying Door handles, toilets, post that may arrive, computers, chairs and desks etc. 

Keep the environment clean! 


Finally follow the self isolation rule - if you have a temperature and find yourself coughing - do the right thing. Do not spread the disease. If all people keep their distance, if all people ensure that sanitation is kept at high levels, and if all people self isolate at the hint of any illness as a world we will ensure this does not happen again. 

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