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Does your competition scare you?

Does your competition scare you?

In today's modern world - businesses that stand aside are those that have mastered two simple points, the first; they have mastered the art of getting their name out there and number two, they have gotten down cold their unique selling position - that one thing that sets them apart from everyone else.

There is a third point and that is actually asking for the deal, however that is for another article. 

For the purpose of this article, the game plan is to service and promote and adjust rather than all out worrying about your competitors. 

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Whilst understanding what your competitors are doing is valid - it is certainly not something one should be afraid of. 

As a web design company we believe that ultimately service and promotion will win the day and with this one focus competition is not that all scary thing -  Why?  Because we know service is priceless! 

When you are afraid of your competitors, it is a total indicator that your unique selling position may not be so unique or your promotion is not happening - perhaps both? 

Thankfully this is something that can be easily rectified with the following six points: 

1) Truly get to grips that when you look after your customers, they will be customers for life. 

2) Really be the master of your industry. Understand what works and what does not and get this across to your customers 

3) Never go out of communication - constantly stay in touch 

4) Understand your competition so that you may improve you! As web designers, we are more interested in their technology and strategies perhaps new angles we may have missed - we learn so we can help our customers

5) Understand your customers - what they need and want from your business - from you and adjust accordingly

6) Finally make sure your message is getting across. Your competitors really might well be doing a poor job - he could be doing a great job - but this all comes across in the message. Is their message better than your message? 

Getting that message across is the difference between you and your competitors. Winning the deal and loosing - Until next time - Web Best Practice For more information about our web design Manchester service - get in touch. 

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