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Five marketing ideas for small businesses


If you are a small business owner then marketing might not be your specialty, don’t worry though, marketing is not as difficult as everyone makes out. By following the best practices, you can develop winning strategies that will help to grow your customer base as well as revenue. Below are five marketing ideas for small businesses.

1. Do your research

Before any marketing strategy can begin you need to do your competitor research. Have a look at your competition’s website, what is it that they are doing differently? How are they promoting themselves digitally and is there a way you can do it better? Are they active on social media? Answering these questions will give you a better idea of how you will need to position yourself to compete against them.

2. Website

Your website is your online shop window so if you haven’t got one yet then that is the first port of call. There are a lot of competent website builders and developers out there who can help. If you already have a website, then make sure it is optimised as best it can be. Is the content relevant and engaging, does it reflect your products and services, do you have an online shop? Your website is what you make it, so make sure it is an SEO friendly one.

3. Google My Business listing

Locally a Google My Business listing is very important and will have a huge impact on your online success. A lot of users will search locally for a product or service, so you need to make sure that all your business information is correct. Also, add images and video where possible as well as promotional offers to entice people in, and don’t forget about customer reviews.

4. Content is king

Content has a huge influence on the user journey and people's buying decisions. It will also help to drive traffic to your website and encourage people to stay and make a sale. When writing your content think about the customer intent and what it is that they are looking for and tap into their wants and needs.

5. Social media

Being active on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are key to successful digital marketing. It provides the platform to share your content and direct people through to your website. Creating a social media calendar is a great way to plan ahead and lay out what you are going to post and when, this way you are not rushing around at the last minute posting for the sake of it.

Marketing isn’t rocket science and if done correctly it can be incredibly rewarding for any business. Start with the basics and progress further as your small business strategy develops.

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