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Five of the biggest small business marketing mistakes

On paper, marketing your business would seem straightforward. You set aside a marketing budget that will help you generate leads and increase sales while at the same time establishing your brand to potential customers. Unfortunately, in the real-world things are more complicated and some smaller businesses can fall foul to marketing mistakes, below we look at five of the most common.

Not communicating with existing customers

You have acquired a solid base of customers who have interacted and made a purchase from you, in your eyes the job is done, wrong. You have spent time and money building trust creating a relationship with them, so why would you stop communicating.

The aim is to get them to buy from you again, the only way to do this is to communicate with them using all the available channels you have such as social media and e-newsletters. Remember, it is easier to get an existing customer to buy from you than a new one.

Not using all available marketing channels

Don’t limit yourself to just a couple of marketing platforms with which to promote your business. Yes, you might have found the ones that work for you but by not broadening your horizons you could be missing out on a whole host of new business. Research all the available marketing channels and find the ones which suit your business goals the most.

Not testing your strategy

Marketing is all about testing what works and what doesn’t, it is the only way you are truly going to find that winning strategy. For example, don’t think that one set of ad text for your Google AdWords campaign is enough to generate leads and drive sales. If you don’t refresh your ad text it will become stagnant as people will have seen the same message time and again.

Not focusing on the benefits

Another mistake that many small businesses make is not focusing on the benefits of their products and services. When marketing them make sure you tap into the wants and needs of your customers. What do they want from your product and why do they need it? Answering these two simple questions marketing your business becomes so much easier.

Not using email marketing

Email marketing is almost a forgotten tool in a small businesses marketing strategy. Done the right way it is a simple and effective method at sending your message to a dedicated list of subscribers. It is relatively inexpensive, and you can be as creative as you like, there are no limits.

These are five common mistakes that stop many businesses from fulfilling their potential. None of the above is complicated to correct and stopping these mistakes will see your business becoming stronger and significantly more profitable.

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