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Five Ways That Google Trends Can Benefit Your Business?

Five Ways That Google Trends Can Benefit Your Business?

Google Trends is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. The tool can provide detailed insights into what are the popular search terms for any given topic across a wide range of locations. You simply type in a phrase and Google will show you how that phrase is ‘trending’. Below are five ways that Google Trends can benefit your business.

Stay relevant

Ensuring that you and your business stay updated on changing trends is vital to successful marketing. A popular topic can ignite a blog post, or help you drive a new product launch or service offering. Alternatively, it might help you save time and money by staying away from a subject. Gaining an insight into what people are talking about and why is key to understanding your target audience.


Google Trends not only offers you insight into what is currently trending, it also shows you what period is most popular for a search term or topic. It could be within the last 24-hours or the last 90-days, even over years. If you want to know how seasonality is affected over a specific amount of time you can set your own custom date range. Understanding when people are talking about a topic will help you implement your marketing strategy at the right time.


Another huge benefit of Google Trends is that you can use it to find out what is trending in certain geographic areas. Again, this might prove helpful if you promote a product or service to an area. With this detailed knowledge, you can plan strategic marketing campaigns by tailoring them to interests and trends in that location. It can also help you find out what your competitors are doing in that area.


Google Trends has a great piece of functionality that allows you to compare two different search queries. The benefit of this is that you can compare your business name against your competitor, and it will show you how you trend in comparison. This will help you understand how people feel about your business and see if it is positive or negative.

Content Creation

One of the most important ways to utilise Google Trends is for content creation. Content is king and a relevant blog or article can have a huge influence on the user journey, especially when it comes to the final decision-making process.

By creating content around relevant and timely topics you will be able to increase your engagement levels for a range of audiences associated with your business. This content can then be shared across all your marketing channels.

If you find that market research is time-consuming or you do not know where to start, look no further than Google Trends. The tool is free and easy to use and you will be surprised about what you will discover that can have a huge impact on your business.

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