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Four Positive Things to Take From 2020

Four Positive Things to Take From 2020

1. Cleaner Air in Cities

There is no denying that the UK lockdowns had a positive effect on air pollution and congestion in major cities and towns. With people forced to stay at home, towns and cities became almost desolate, which gave the local authorities the chance to reassess the infrastructure. This has helped to reduce pollution and emissions and encourage people to use public transport or walk, which has also reduced traffic congestion. Ultimately, we want to make society a greener place to live and the pandemic has given us the perfect opportunity.

2. The Great Outdoors

During the lockdown with many people confined to their homes there was a renewed enthusiasm for gardening - helped by some exceptional weather during the summer in Britain. Lockdown also ignited a movement of ‘rebel botanists’. The #MoreThanWeeds which was led by French botanist Sophie Leguil encouraged people to embrace local and urban nature around their homes as well as the cities and towns they live in.

3. Down With Terrorism

Global Terrorism also reduced as a result of the pandemic with the number of deaths caused by terrorism reduced by 59 per cent since 2014, to 13,826. Another positive statistic discovered by researchers was that the terrorism situation had improved in 103 countries - which was the highest number of nations to record a year-on-year improvement since the Global Terrorism Index began. While terrorism still remains a significant threat to society this news is a welcome development.

4. Scientific Breakthroughs

The emergence of COVID-19 meant that scientists, doctors and experts the world over had to work together to find a cure, or at the very least a vaccine that would help stop the spread. In just under a year there have been several vaccines that have already been authorised for use and administered which should give us encouragement that 2021 might be able to return to some form of normality.

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