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Get Ready It's Zero to Hero

Get Ready for Zero to Hero

with Web Developers Manchester

Are you ready for tomorrow? It's a loaded question... Now more than ever, as business owners our head has got to be focused on market share or put another way - your/our competitors are likely thiknking with this -  if not - we must - if they are already - Likely they are - push harder! There is work to be done! 

Here is the deal - it is not out of the realm of possibility that we are entering potentially the deepest recessions we have ever faced! The point! 

Old ways of thinking just will not cut it! 

  • Lets review our marketing budget this time next year
  • We are happy with a web page that generates ZERO ROI
  • My brother is doing it and he promises a great job.
  • We have never gotten anything from the website and that's ok...
  • My dad is stuck in his ways….

For more information about our web design Manchester service - get in touch. 

Before we entered this Pandemic the above reasons had little weight to the businesses success - now we are here - the same level of thinking before we entered the Pandemic/ Recession simply cannot be maintained. 


  • Demand a perfect website
  • Demand traffic 
  • Turn up the traffic
  • Track the enquiries
  • Set up the email triggers and follow up.
  • Don't compromise - Adjust
  • Don't compromise - Drive traffic
  • Don't compromise - SELL

Business owners have a scary time ahead of them - this does not change the facts - this new way of thinking is forcing people to the internet… This is not just about the lockdown… People are realising they don't need to be driving everywhere, people are actually and successfully working from home. 

Today we are seeing clients experiencing a tremendous increase in web traffic and orders - simply because people are being forced online.

Today is the age where websites communicate fast, they are reactive and adjust fast to business needs not to mention being fully transparent to the world of Google UK to ensure Google slams them into a high ranking website -  today is the age of True Web! 

For help or pointers on any of the above - let me know. 

Stay Safe - Do well, Brandon @ Web Best Practice. 

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