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How to get your business listed on Google Maps and Apple Maps

There are a few differences between Google Maps and Apple Maps, with each program having its own set of features. Google Maps has its detailed Street View option, while Apple Maps has handy 3D mapping and Fly Over elements.

Users will also receive unique information depending on the program they use. For example, you can access up-to-the-minute details about public transport, while Apple Maps uses TripAdvisor to source its UK reviews. Therefore it’s important to get your business recognised on each program and below are the steps needed for both.

Google Maps

To add your business to Google Maps, you need to head to Google My Business. From there simply fill out all the details about your business and then click ‘continue’. Towards the bottom of the form, there is an option to select the category that your business falls in to, make sure you do this as it is the way Google will classify your business. Next check and verify all the information are correct including the spelling.

Google then needs to verify that your business is located where you say it is and to do that, they will send out a postcard with an activation code on it to the address you have listed. This process can take a couple of weeks for the postcard to arrive. You may be given the option to receive the code via text message or email. Once you have used the code to verify your business location it should now be visible on Google Maps and within the search results.

Apple Maps

Firstly, you need to go to https://mapsconnect.apple.com/ and login with your Apple ID and password. You then need to select your relationship to the business which you can do on the ‘Add a New Business Page’. You can select either ‘I’m the business owner’ or ‘I’m authorised by the business owner’.

Next add in all your business details including business name, business phone number and business address. You will then be prompted to allow Apple to call the number you have supplied, and they will provide you with a pin code. Once that has been completed you need to confirm your business location and trading hours as well as add your company website and any social media accounts.

The final step is to review all the information you have provided and click ‘OK’. Your new business listing will then appear within Apple Maps within a week, if Apple needs additional verification then they will be in contact with you.

Benefits of Google and Apple Maps

The benefits of your business being listed on both platforms is obvious and important if you want to be found during a user search. Just make sure that should any business details change such as opening hours, for example, it is updated within your map listings.

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