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How to Plan for a Return to the Office

As work life starts back up, and countries all around the world are steadily lifting the lockdown, business owners and employees are now planning their return to work. The following are just some of the steps we are taking here at Web Best Practice to ensure the business environment is safe and sound and our team can work in a safe environment.

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Keep the distance. 

Thankfully for us, we are lucky in that we have plenty of space. Providing our team with a large open plan office, which is incredibly well ventilated with the windows open. 

Social Distancing 

Social distancing itself, we are ensuring all our staff are well aware of what two meters actually is and that they are taking responsibility to ensure that social distancing is maintained at all times. 

Additional phones lines have been installed to ensure we do not share the same phone 

Managed office visits 

During this time we will not be allowing customers to come to our offices and all communications will be handled by Zoom and the telephone. 

Follow signage 

We have printed out specific signage to ensure that all staff are fully aware of their obligation to keep clean and wash their hands regular. 

Make full usage of sanitization products provided
At Web Best Practice we have provided hand sanitizer at the front door, along with gloves, masks and daily thermotor checks to ensure we are all well. 

External client visits 

We have changed our own operation in that where we used to go and see clients all day everyday, we have changed this to zoom and phone call meetings, with limited face to face meetings to ensure we reduce the spread of any infection. 

Nightly cleaning. 

Every single evening the office space will be fully wiped down with a strong anti-bacterial along with the toilet space, the kitchen and all door handles will also be fully satisfied each evening along with all desks and surfaces to ensure our environment is clean and safe. 

Bring own food 

We urge our staff to bring all their own food and drinks rather than going to the shops at this time to ensure the integrity of the office is maintained at all times.

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