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How to Stay Safe When Swimming Pools and Gyms Reopen

The Government has recently given the green light to allow outdoor pools to reopen from 11 July and gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities from 25 July, thus meaning that since March people can get back to their fitness regimes and leisure activities.


But with this relaxation in the lockdown process, it is very important to stay vigilant and avoid unnecessary contact with people and fitness equipment. Below are a few ways on how to stay safe when swimming pools and gyms reopen.


Wear a mask


There has been a greater emphasis on the wearing of protective masks particularly when going out or where you might meet large groups of people. It is not policy to wear them, so it is up to the individual person to take the precaution. With the COVID-19 virus spreading through respiratory droplets, you certainly do not want people coughing or catching their breath near you.


Sanitise your hands


Washing your hands regularly is good hygiene practice and it should form part of your day-to-day activities. Even before COVID-19 good hygiene has been drilled into us all from a young age.


Washing and sanitising your hands with anti-bacterial gel is the best way to kill any germs and stop the spread of infection when you pick up and touch weights or any other gym equipment - so if you can, carry a small bottle of hand gel with you. If there is hand gel on arrival when you check into the gym or swimming pool, make sure you use it.


Wipe down machines


One of the biggest problems and reasons for the spread of germs in a gym is that often people will not wipe down the equipment after use. We all sweat, there is no getting away from that, but there is nothing worse than coming to use a bench and finding it covered in someone else’s sweat. Always carry a towel with you and wipe down the equipment after use. Chances are there will be anti-bacterial wipes provided by the facility which means there is no excuse.


Socially distance


One thing is certain, the days of a packed gym on Monday night might be a thing of the past. Gyms and swimming pools will most likely have to limit the number of people they let into their facilities at any one time. Even though numbers might not be as high, make sure that you still follow the social distancing rules and give other members at least 6-feet of space. This will dramatically help stop the spread of COVID-19.


Be vigilant


No one in their right mind could have ever predicted the impact that COVID-19 would have on people’s lives. But most people have been able to adapt to the strict lockdown and changes to modern society. By following the above, you will be taking responsibility for not only your own health and well-being but those around you as well.

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