Know your product and Don't settle!

Know your product and Don't settle!

Having been apart of the Business for Breakfast networking group for now the second year. It was not a huge shock that when I arrived there and was presented to do ten minute overview to help the group make a bigger impact online. Forgive me, but At 6.30am, the coffee has not kicked in and it is time to get your Game on.

OK Here we go.

Can I ask, who here has got a website? Hands go up! Great. Can I ask, does your website earn you money? Hands go down.

It is interesting really that we go ahead spend X on a website and don't ask the question does it generate you money.

Needless to say, I went on to discuss Google Analytic & Web Master tools as a useful starting point to understanding what is going on with your website. 

I also highlighted the importance of considering that there should be a benchmark to work towards. That is, 500 people arrive at your website in a month and you get ZERO CALLS or enquiries. Something is not right.

The point.

  • Design with Purpose in mind

  • Don't settle for Zero conversion

  • Get the right traffic to your website so you can convert.

  • Oh and follow up on all leads.


Here at Web Best Practice, we split our selves into four divisions. Strategy planning, Web Design and Development. Tracking and Analysis and Google promotions.

Further we work with fantastic local companies across Manchester that help generate further traffic to your website. 

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