Let face the music and Dance.


There may be trouble ahead. 

But whilst there is moonlight and love and romance. Let face the music and Dance. 

This morning a client asked a really great question. What if I get a website. What happens then??? 

Its a great question. 

Here is my repsonse to my client. 

The biggest challenge that you have is getting the traffic levels right. The next challenge is landing page conversion, that is the web pages must be at their best to get the job done. Create a new customer. 

Have you thought about conversion rates? 

Here is the MarketingSherpa Standard 


To give you an example of costing and this is just a guide.

But the key phrase Cheap beds on Google Currently £1.26 per click and there is a lot of traffic.

You could buy 100 hits a day if you so desired. £100 a day - 100 people (Roughly)… The real question is, how many clicks would it take to get a purchase and then what is the profit margin. If there a profit margin with this strategy?

When starting out the conversion is likely to be lowere and should be considered as poor - 0.5 to 1% - again, this should just be as a guide.

The more you track, work the website strategies, the more you will learn about the people arriving that the website. The better the conversion.