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At the time of writing this article, I personally have been involved in web design and marketing for the best part of my adult life. I recall some fifteen years ago one would created a website and “optimised it” back then making sure the key words were in there enough times and then full on link building - did not matter if they were dodgy links - just get the backlinks and by magic you would be at the top spot. 

Happy days! 

Those days are long gone! 

Today it is not a surprise that Google & Facebook are the main traffic drivers. 

Looking for something - we Google it. 

It may also not come as a surprise that buyers are wise to Google Ads, as such we tend to go for the Organic listing rather than the sponsored listing. 

Never before has SEO been more important - simply put Google Ads & Facebook Ads are fine provided you can fit within that profit margin - but Organic ranking in my opinion will beat Ads HANDS-DOWN because you are in a different league. 

It is totally key to realise, what worked ten years ago, is not what works today and here are the following steps to be mindful of. 

The rise of engagement 

All the optimisation in the world, if people arrive at your website and leave immediately this may well harm your rankings - WHY? 

Because Google doesn't want to send traffic too websites that have a high bounce rate. It's just not good business. 

It has been said in previous articles 2% conversion rate - to achieve this people need to stop and interact with your website. 

The rise of mobile & SSL 

Google is an ever evolving search system. How a website is seen on a mobile is key - lets face it - most people have a smartphone - this is now old news 

If your website is not optimised for mobile and does not include an SSL certificate your competitors does. 

The rise of content 

The rise of content is not a new thing, Google has maintained for many years that Content is King and backlinks are Queen. 

Continuous attention to content and blogging is business critical  and so is spreading that content out amongst the social sphere. 

The death of poor link building 

Back in the day link building farms were a real thing, people actually set up 200 odd websites and people link to you. Now this is not the case. This is Blackhat! 

You get backlinks by blogging, by circulating content and by being seen as an authority and getting the attention of allies. 

The rise of social 

Google & Facebook - this makes up an insane quantity of the world's website traffic. Love it or hate it is irrelevant - these two mediums make up the vast majority of the world's traffic sources and are of critical importance to business growth. 

For help or pointers on any of the above - let me know. 

Stay Safe - Do well, Brandon @ Web Best Practice. 

For more information about our web design Manchester service - get in touch. 

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