New website - New year

The need to keep your website current really is a vital component in today's modern age. Love it or hate it, this is a digital age. So as busy as we are, I figured, lets quickly upgrade our website to ensure we are getting the most from the web.

Here are the top six reasons why we decided to upgrade our website.

Generating new business.

There is no doubt about it, yes we must be where our customer are. But at the same time, when someone arrives at the website, we want them to get in touch. 

Keeping up with the times.

With some crazy figures like 70% of people on their mobile phone now to search for products and services, it totally made sense that our website was really doing the job on a mobile phone. 

Getting to the point

People want you to get to the point. We have created many many websites over the years. So testimonials both Videos and our portfolio needed to be really top notch.

Last quick three points.

We wanted the colour to be bright and striking, personally I wanted the phone number very visible and I wanted to you to be able to make an enquiry fast. Lastly  and most importantly it gave me a good excuse to really put some attention on a tool that is designed to improve our lives - our website.

Happy Marketing - Brandon - Web Best Practice.