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At the time of writing this article we are but days away with the launch of our new website. Our website is our best sales tool. Perfecting and adjusting it at a time when other might be backing down is in our opinion the optimum solution for greater expansion. 

Here is why - The success of any website is in its ability to communicate to its prospects. 

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A website that gets the message across generates the business. The website that did not communicate well enough losses the deal to their competitor. Simple. 

As a business owner this is really so key as it gives you an understanding to work towards... In short it either works or it doesn't! Let us put it another way, across industries, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35% - according to WordStream  

This means that at a minimum 2% out of every 100 people that arrive at a website mathematically should be a sale or an enquiry. If this is not the case it tells you immediately that the website needs work. 

As a website owner, there are challenges that one needs to overcome: 

  • Purchasing traffic Vs Profitability
  • Organic Search engine marketing
  • Social networking 
  • Generating the right type of qualified leads 
  • Ensuring you are getting that all important conversion ratio as discussed above and how to increase it? 
  • And of course follow up 

Now consider this: Imagine you have perfected the minimum 2% out of every 100 people arriving at your website, now imagine that your website generates an average of 1000 new visitors each and every month. That would be 20 new enquiries/sales each and every month. Now imagine 40/50/60 new enquiries every single month?!

Now more than ever the web strategy must be as follows: 

Perfect the website - Perfect your offering - Perfect your incentives - Drive - Drive - Drive - QUALIFIED traffic to the website. Engage prospects - build your mailing list and convert. 

For help or pointers on any of the above - let me know. 

Stay Safe - Do well, Brandon @ Web Best Practice. 

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