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Get on Google with with web developers Manchester

Having just finished another Great website, one of our clients wanted some tips to working on Google. I thought it appropriate to put together this Six step strategy to get yourself found on Google and Fast.

The first thing to remember, there are billions of websites out there.
Google will only find you if you really show them that you are there.

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The KEY is back links.

A link would be for example our website link is
If you really want to get a great back link. It would have my key phrase in the link.
For example. Web Design Manchester.

The next thing they are looking for is quality content and pages.. Always key word specific, but do not over do it. Always remember to write content for the reader. Not the search engine.

Finally they want to see you are social – Get your links out on Facebook, Twitter and build up your likes and followers.

So your website is done. What next?

1) Do you know what Key phrase your potential customers are typing into Google?????
You must know what key phrase you are looking to get up on Google with, else you will never get anywhere…

A Great tool, just for research is Google Adwords.

2) Next, as a new website Google will not have a clue you exist.
Sign up to Google Web master Tools and submit a Site-map.
Sign up to Google Analytics and install tracking

3) Next write a new press release. Welcoming your website to the world and all the great products and services you offer. Submit this to some well known Press release websites. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PUT A LINK BACK TO YOUR WEBSITE.

Remember – You Want QUALITY BACK LINKS. Poor links can harm you….

4) Next and most common – Ask your friends for a back link. Who do you know that has a website. Ask them.

5) Create a Facebook and Twitter page, starting posting daily and get your website links out there.

6) There are loads of other ways to get back links, here are just a few in closing

  • Write some great articles and submit them on-line.
  • Get on some great local directories. Only specific and only UK based.
  • Create a Google Business/ Place account. Immediate Free traffic.

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Until Next Time...

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