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Top Tips to Attracting More Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for business integrations, so it can seem quite frustrating setting up your LinkedIn profile and fail to make any valuable connections, let alone generate any leads. It can take time to get established on the platform, but it is still a great way to make B2B or even B2C connections. Here are a few tips to get you started and hopefully these will generate some great leads!

Start with Your Profile

Ensure that you have a professional profile, with either your company logo or a professional office-based headshot used on your profile. It should also be optimised for searches and focused on clients. There is no room for sloppy profiling here, no sofa, glass of wine in hand shots, you want to create a good first impression. 

Who are Your Prospects? 

In order to generate leads you need to actually know who you are aiming for.. the easiest way to find your prospects on LinkedIn is to use appropriate job titles: for example, are you looking for accountants, human resource specialists, or CEOs? If you know who you are looking for it makes it easier to look in LinkedIn groups and use the LinkedIn advanced search to begin to find these people. 

Don't Be Irritating 

One thing that frustrates many people is opening the LinkedIn to a raft of connection requests all basically begging for business with a long email highlighting all the reasons why you need to purchase the service or product offered. This gets an instant delete in most cases and quite rightly so; there is no need to be so pushy or abrupt when trying to generate leads. Slow down and take some time make the connection request without the sales pitch. People can see for themselves why you may have something they need or why your businesses may benefit each other. 

Use Manners 

This might sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many times people fail on this. If you've tried to connect with someone and they accept your request, then reach out and say thank you. Do not use this as a sales pitch opportunity either, you are simply thanking them for allowing you to be part of their network. It is acceptable to put your URL in your signature block and if you want to speak to them, engage in an element of commonality that you have seen between their profile and yours. 

Add Value 

Whether you are pitching to individuals or forming part of LinkedIn groups you should aim to add value, this can be in the form of posting articles, videos, case studies, and eBooks that help to establish your place as an industry expert and offer reasons as to why you are the individual of choice to work with in your field.

Convert Prospects Offline 

The final step, one that people generally struggle with, is to move the conversation offline. This means you have built up a relationship and established that you are in a position to offer a service they need, and you can take the chat offline into a more typical business format.

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