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Understanding Google Adwords

Ok so we don't profess to be Google Adwords experts. What I can tell you is that we speak with many customers some of them rely on Adwords to attract new business and some do not. 

How we look at our very own website is simple, our website is a sales person, actually in an ideal world the website would be two or three/ ten or twenty sales people... That's the dream right? 

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Like any sales person, training is needed to perfect the pitch, how to find the right markets, how to get the message across and of course the tools to get people to meet the guy or call, in this case your website. 

With the invent of Amazon and Ebay the game is changing. Never before has the importer had such a direct line of communication with the end user. Never before has the high street been at such risk. Of course this is just one mans opinion, but my view is we need to build relationships, we need to be competitive and stay current with technology.

Google is a great platform and what it can do is the following: 

It tells you 1,000 people are typing your key phrase into Google every month. Here is an example:

Lets say you get 1,000 impressions, you will get 3% clicks so you may well get 30 clicks. 

The question is, did you get a sale from this? Does it take 60 clicks, maybe 90 clicks. Maybe 1,000 clicks. Whatever!

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