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Vital tips to get the best from your website!!

Here at WBP we keep it simple - if your developer is making it complicated - give us a call. 

User experience: Your website must drive action, create a positive impact and be useful. You want it simple to use and of course be intuitive!

Domain name: The website names appears on the top bar of browser - This is the address where visitors can find you on the internet. Make the domain simple and easy so visitors can find you without any hassle. 

Company name and logo: Create and attractive logo and remember it should be presented clearly and communicates what your brand it all about. 

Stay social: Contact information and social media links allow people to reach out if they have queries about your business or want to get in touch. Include your company’s information, such as a phone number and email address. 

Content management system: Make sure you can work on the CMS before you purchase a website. A CMS makes it easy for you to update your website with new information, images, videos and blogs. 

Google analytics four GA4: Google analytics is a tool that helps you measure and analyze the performance of your website. It is the key ingridient in tracking and understanding everything about your website and the people that visit it. 

Call to action buttons: When somone arrives at your website ensure Call to action buttons are buttons make the visitors take the specific actions requried to get the job done. 

Finally Navigation: Navigation is the way visitors move around your website. Navigation should be clear, consistent and easy to follow. Navigation should help the visitors and guide them to the required result.


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