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We are the UK economy

This might just be, but often it may not seem obvious that we the small business owners are in fact the backbone of our economy. As local web designers, we are a team of seven based in Manchester UK and what has become very clear now is that we the small business owners are in fact the UK economy. 

We are the web designers, we are the hairdressers, the convenience stores, the fabricators, the food shops and manufactures to name but a few  - we are the UK economy. 

As we get through this pandemic and prepare with everything we have to repair the damage done now is a time to acknowledge who we are and pat ourselves on the back that we are the UK economy and what we do matters! 

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As business owners our next steps in our repairing of the damage done is to seriously get focused! 

Here are three core focus points that we strongly encourage all our customers to utilise and maximise on. 

The first is Technology 

As web designers this means we are focused more than ever on virtual meetings. As people try to reduce physical contact, making sure you are aware of the latest technologies is key! 

Making sure you're keeping in contact on specific social accounts, making sure you are using technology to stay in touch. 

The second Promotion 

Ensure you are happy with your CRM system, staying on the phone and speaking with people. 

Maximise on all possible marketing and promotion lines from email to Search engine optimisation, regular networking, social marketing and following up on sales calls - and of course making sure that your existing customer base get the best return for their investment. 


Service the hell out of your existing customers. Make sure that there is a return on their investment. 

For us, we speak with our customers on a very regular basis. We ensure that we deliver regular reports on their websites. We ensure that we are doing continuous spot checks on our products and services. We do this, because we believe that recommendations are the key to our overall success and looking after our customers to ensure that they expand with us.

Finally Consistency 

Do the same thing over and over - do what works - master it and pound it! 


For more information about our web design Manchester service - get in touch. 

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