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What is digital marketing and the benefits?

Digital marketing covers all marketing channels which utilise an electronic device. Businesses use digital marketing to influence and leverage users online to raise brand awareness, increase leads and drive sales.

Channels including search engines, social media and email marketing are ways that businesses can connect with potential customers. Below are some of the benefits of digital marketing.


Digital marketing is incredibly cost-efficient and can boost your brand and business. While there is still room for traditional offline marketing such as print and radio for example, it can be expensive and hard to quantify at times. But with a solid digital marketing strategy, you have a great way of being able to influence people on their user journey especially when they hit the sales funnel.

While paid digital media such as Google AdWords and Facebook ads it offers a cheaper option, but it does require patience and time to see the rewards. Using non-paid methods of digital marketing such as search engine optimisation (SEO) can also be effective but again will need time to develop, so do not expect results to happen overnight.


Measure results

Digital marketing also provides you with some brilliant tools to be able to measure the success of your online campaigns. One of the biggest tools to use is Google Analytics which once implemented onto your website will be able to give you a deeper insight into how your digital campaigns has performed.

Targeted audience

Another huge benefit of digital marketing is that you can be very specific about who you target. Once you have created a picture of your ideal customer you can use a variety of digital marketing channels to build an audience which targets their likes and dislikes as well as geographical location. This will help grow your brand awareness and any KPIs you have set.

Customer influence

Today potential customers are using search engines to influence their buying journey. When they are on the lookout for a product or service, they will turn to the online world to research it before making the decision to purchase.

This means that as a business you can connect with them via a range of different methods such as online blogs, articles, and video. Digital marketing will allow you to optimise your campaigns to get them front and centre the right target market.

Social media

Social media has exploded in recent years and in terms of digital marketing it is one of the best ways to grow and influence your audience. Many users will look at a variety of online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube before landing on your website.

For this purpose, social media is perfect – it allows users to like, comment, and share your product and services, and allows you to publicly respond to any positive or negative feedback.

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