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Why does live chat matter?


Online businesses are changing the way they think. With more people using online to source products and services businesses are looking at ways to capture customers on their buying journey. One development has been live chat. Below we look at what live chat is and why it matters for your business?


What is it?


Have you ever been to a website and after a few seconds a chat box appears with a sales or customer service representative asking you if you need any help? It is almost as if they knew you had landed on their homepage. Well, they did. Live chat enables you to speak to someone to get more information about a product or service.


Why does it matter?


For businesses live chat is a crucial tool in helping influence the user journey. It is effective for two main reasons, lead generation and customer service. These two factors can help increase revenue as well as boost customer retention.


Lead Generation


When a user visits your website, your main goal is to capture information from them. This could be via an email address as a way of signing up for a newsletter or after the completion of a sale or lead. Either way, making sure that you capture this information means you will be able to market to them in the future.


Live chat offers another way to capture their data as normally before a person can speak to an advisor, they need to enter their email address. The most important aspect of live chat is that you are getting something of real value – their contact information.


Another way live chat matters to your business is that it will stop people from leaving the sales funnel. If they land on your website and are unable to find what they are looking for, chances are they will leave.


But if there is a live chat option for them then chances are, they can ask a representative a question to get the information they need to make a purchase. This helps people convert and your leads and sales increase.


Customer Service


Today customer service is crucial for every business and as such people place more of an emphasis on a great customer experience - live chat will help them do that. For example, they might have a question which they feel is not relevant to ask over the phone, but live chat offers them a quick and simple response.


This means the customer gets a great experience as they have had their question answered straight away and they have not had to phone or send an email to get a response.


Live chat is relatively easy to implement on your website and it is worth the time and effort to get it right as you will be influencing the user journey.

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