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Why is Your Domain Authority Vital?

You may have heard the term Domain Authority thrown around and wondered what it actually means. The chances are you probably also wonder whether it is something you need to be concerned with when it comes to your own website. So, let's have a closer look at why your domain authority is vital.

What it basically boils down to is a number, or ‘metric’ and this number (known as the Domain Authority) shows the authority of your website. When it comes to search engine results pages and achieving organic traffic, you will be aware that SEO optimization is vital, but you may not know that the higher your domain authority ranking is the higher up the search listings you will appear.  

How is Domain Authority Scored? 

Websites are scored on a scale of 0 to 100, with the higher numbers indicating that you have a solid authority. It was initially developed by Moz but there are other companies who have developed something along a similar line, ranking websites on this basis.

How is the Score Determined? 

The calculation is based on an algorithm that uses 40 factors and includes things like the quality of the content found on the website, how your website performs on an SEO basis, how valid and relevant your incoming links are and more. You can instantly check your domain authority score on moz.com by following this link: https://moz.com/learn/seo/domain-authority

Help! My Score is Awful 

Okay, if you have checked your score and found that it is not matching what you would like it to be, there are things you can do.

Make sure that you have a website that is mobile friendly, it used to be something that was advisable, optional even, but now we really should be considering that this is mandatory as mobile phone searches rank at about 60% of all searches carried out on the Internet. If your website fails the mobile friendly checks, you will lose points on your Domain Authority score. Again, there are tools available online to help checkout how your page performs on a mobile device.

Improve your site speed as no one likes waiting around. Cart abandonment is high when shoppers are left waiting for over 3 seconds before a page loads. If you think that’s scarily fast you are right, but it is a fact that you need to get your head around improving it. There are things you can do yourself to speed up your site and these include optimising the size of images, keeping your website up to date and ensuring you are being hosted on a server that is powerful enough. 

SEO is another massive area, although you get ranked separately for SEO, with Google it also needs to be top notch to get a good Domain Authority score. You need to ensure you have done things like create your XML site-map and submitted this to Google, ensure that you have your robot.txt settings, use H1 and H2 tags correctly, and ensure you do not use keyword stuffing but usual keywords naturally and correctly.

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