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Why we don't use Wordpress

The fact of the matter is, YES WordPress is a well known platform and includes the essentials such as creating new pages, and posts etc. The problem we feel with Wordpress is simply the following: 

Business platform 

It was created as a blog tool. To bring the thing to life you have to use what is known as plugins. You have to use templates and whilst there is nothing wrong with that. If any of this plugin or templates or for that matter Wordpress themselves make an update it can and often does break the website.    

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There are some amazing design templates out there and for sure there is no shortage of WordPress themes. The challenge that business owners face is ensuring that the template sits well with your brand and all the relevant areas of the design. Choosing a web design company means they will design the website exactly how you want it. There is no compromise, you do not need to buy new themes or more expensive themes - we simply design the website as you need it to be. 


Again this is just our opinion. As web developers the speed of the website is really important. With all our websites we can adjust the speed by compressing adjusting and tweaking the page. 

Templates are not as straightforward, they can have a lot of panels and areas that simply can be tricking to optimise. 

With a little research on Google you will soon see that Wordpress gets a lot of heat when it comes to security. This is because it is a free open platform and so hackers and spammers know what to attack.. Even with the more reliable plugins - the fact a bespoke build is not as well known to the hackers and so it is in our opinion a safer build. 

Weak SEO

As mentioned earlier in the article load speed on the design of the website can cause an issue when it comes to SEO. Now consider that WordPress is often built up on heavy plugins and complex templates packing in everything into one website. All of this can come at a price!


As business owners, we simply do not have the time to start learning how to use the admin area of a Wordpress website. You need something quick and easy. Wordpress can often be complicated. In addition the plugins themselves also may require a learning curve. 


This was mentioned earlier on in the article, but with hackers and spammers knowing exactly what to attack the need to keep Wordpress website updated is important. Now comes the real challenge. Each plugin and the template all have to work with each other. One thing very easily can break another thing. You should always have a back up before upgrading your live site. This is something that as business owners you do not have the time for.

Finally Scalability

As the business grows your website needs may to change and adjust. Now consider you need a feature that needs to be hardcoded. I.e there is no plugin for what you need or you want to change the design - all of this is of course very workable but can be costly. 

We are not here to knock Wordpress, rather point out that in our opinion a platform that is built up of 3rd party plugins and templates can often cause problems. It can cause issues with scalability. It can hinder speed, it can break the website and when one considers their website is their sales tool - you need to know you can trust that tool.

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