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Not all websites are created equally!

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Ready to discuss a new website?

Are you looking for support and advise on your new or existing website? Why not drop us an email or give us a call. We are always happy to hear from you.

Phone: 0161 883 0693


How long does it take to create a website?

Within a week of taking a deposit one of our project managers will introduce themselves and work with you to ensure that you get the website that your business demands.

A website can be created from start to end in about five weeks, the average eight weeks depending on client feedback.

Why are you saying the website is not mobile friendly?

We use Google test tool to verify if the website is mobile friendly or not:

Can we do SEO if we have not built the website?

Yes, but you are restricted.

Why we don't choose Wordpress or Magneto?

This is really more of a personal choice… We find that these platforms are unnecessarily difficult. Further you are restricted to what they offer. (In our opinion)

What are the best payment gateways?

Whilst these may or not be the best we work with Paypal, Sage Pay, WorldPay & Stripe. There are many payment gateways.

What is the difference between a free website and working with a web design company

Our websites are custom built, they do the job and more importantly they belong to you.
You can upgrade them, you can change them you can do whatever you wish with them. This is really important because when comparing to a free one, you get just that.

How do I get the website up the search engines?

The search engines naturally want to find your website. Making sure that your website is up to date with unique and engaging content is key, further to ensure your is well structured and made easy for Google to see and read is vitally important.

For more information on our SEO packages, do get in touch.

Can I sit down with you face2face?

Totally - whilst most of our work is done online, we are happy to sit down face to face to ensure that your website really is the best it can possibly be.

Will you help with emails?

We are happy to set up your emails or work with your IT company, in any case you can rest assured we have it covered.

What does hosting mean?

In simple terms this is where the website lives. Each website around the world lives on what is called a server (a powerful computer) all our websites are on powerful hosting servers and we make sure they are on all the time.

I need ongoing help

Our team is really there to give you the service you need. We offer both Face2Face and virtual meetings - no technical skill is needed at all. We have over twenty years experience in web Marketing, content writing and web design and development

I don't know if I can move the website address?

We look after 100’s of website addresses and help every single one of our clients. We will liaise with your IT company and previous web design companies to ensure we get your domain moved over. This happens daily across the world - and we will manage this process for you.

I can find my website - yet you said it was live?

A brand new website can take up to a few weeks to be found on Google. This is because there are billions of website pages for Google to search through before they find you.
For more information on website marketing - schedule a booking with a consultant

I am not technical!

No technical experience is needed. We have a dedicated team here when you need them most.
We can help with wording, pictures, designs, logos, email set up, SEO and yes we can even manage the website for you.

Is SEO included in your website.

The terms SEO, SEM and web marketing simply means adjusting your website so that Google can naturally find you. This in our opinion is an ongoing process!

We certainly set up our websites to be Google friendly and deliver an eight week after report so that we can make further suggestions as to how you can generate additional traffic and business from your website.

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