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Step 1


All our projects are split into milestones. The Introduction is key to ensuring we understand exactly what you are after.

Step 2

Planning & Research

Once we are clear on the game plan, we start on the research. Understanding your business and your competitors, strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3

Design & Site Architecture

With our in house team; we manage every aspect of this project. We do not move onto the next stage until the designs are perfect. 

Step 4

Content Strategy & Population

Whilst designing. We will help you with your content, data migration, and (where needed) matching the URLs within Google to further support your rankings.

Step 5

Website Development

Only when you are delighted with the designs do we move onto coding, where we turn these pictures into a digital reality.. A lot of focus is put on mobile, speed and security.


Step 6


The second your website is out of coding we go straight to testing. Making sure your project is perfect!

Step 7

Preview Website

You are continually in the loop. Once testing is completed, we send you the preview and login details to your new website. -  So you can feel totally comfortable before it goes live.

Step 8

Website Launch

On your marks... Get set... LAUNCH!!! Your website is now available for everyone to see!

Step 9

Evaluation & Improvement

Once your website is up and running for the whole world to see. We offer ongoing hosting and support. 

Step 10

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