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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is necessary for any business that wants to stay competitive and relevant in the marketplace. It is the process of using online methods to promote a product or service. It includes online advertising, SEO (search engine optimization), social media and website optimization. It is used by businesses of all sizes and can be an effective tool in increasing visibility and sales.

Web Best Practice can also help you build your online presence with social media campaigns and paid advertising.

While most of the marketing strategies are carried out for our clients within Greater Manchester, we also work with clients in the entire North West and the rest of the UK.

we offer an amazing marketing plan that consists of a google certified digital marketer that will contact you every week with updates and news on your website. we offer the following services

  • On-page SEO

This is the study of how fast your website loads, mobile friendliness, metadata, content and other strategies that make your site more visible on search engine results pages.

  • Keyword and competitor research

we will investigate and research what your direct competitors are doing to see any holes in their strategies so we can devise a personalised plan that will work for you. 

  • PPC

Using the most up-to-date and decisive methods we will ensure that any pay-per-click campaigns that you are running bring you conversions whether this is on social media, google or other search engine advertising.

  • Social media 

We will run and publish exciting and up-to-date content on your social media accounts whether this is Facebook or Instagram we will be sure to add your branding to every post.

  • Backlinking 

We are fully equipt to raise your website's visibility by raising its authority through backlinks. As Google and other search engines use links it is important to get powerful backlinks to help raise your rank.

  • Website analysis

We use tracking tools to view how people interact with your website and how often. Using this data we can make adjustments to all our SEO campaigns to best suit the traffic that is visiting your website

  • Conversion tracking 

Just like with any business, tracking the return on investment is crucially important to us. We will make sure we have all the tracking in place to make sure that you are achieving the best results.


We are confident that we can increase your online presence and help you achieve your business goals. If you are interested in any of our services or have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us.


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