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Tough Day? Let's Power Through the Challenges

Every business faces its challenges! 20 years of business has certainly taught me that. What I have also learned is when times get tough, these vital steps will help set you apart and keep you in the game. 

Remember, the next deal could change your life!

The Right Mindset

The first step to overcoming obstacles is getting your mindset right. Watch the following video to start your journey with the right mental attitude: Don’t worry, it's only a minute long—but it’s powerful!

Recognise Your Value

Understand that you offer a service that people need. This might seem obvious, but it’s true. The real question is, will they buy from you? Does your website and message resonate with your target audience? Are enough people aware of you?

Spread the Word

Once you know your value and you realise that people need your service, it's time to tell others. Here’s how:

Realize the Power of Your Existing Customer Base: Your current customers are your best advocates.

Utilize Your Contacts: Check your mobile phone for everyone you've spoken to recently. Reach out with a message to reconnect.

Email Outreach: Go through your email contacts and send personalized messages to touch base.

Keep Your Audience Informed: Regular updates maintain engagement and interest.

Let's Get Social

For those in B2B, LinkedIn is a goldmine. Here’s your action plan:

Daily Posts: Share insights, updates, and value-adding content daily.

Engage Actively: Comment on posts, join discussions, and network.

Conversations Matter: Speak with people directly through messages and comments.

Write Powerful Articles: Create and share content on your website that your audience will find beneficial.

Ask for Recommendations

Don’t hesitate to ask satisfied clients for recommendations.

Follow-Up is Key

Every enquiry is a potential opportunity. Make sure you follow up on every lead promptly and professionally.

Dedicate Time Daily

From today, dedicate an hour each day to activities that generate more business—sales calls, emails, and other outreach efforts. By consistently implementing these strategies, you’ll not only stay in the game but also thrive, even when faced with challenges. Persistence and the right approach are your greatest tools.

Track Your Progress

To truly change the game, you need to track your daily progress. Monitoring your efforts helps you understand what works and where improvements are needed. Here’s what to track:

Sales Calls: Keep a log of the calls made, including the outcomes and any follow-up actions required.

Posts Made: Track the content you post on social media, blogs, and other platforms. Note the engagement levels and feedback received.

Interactions: Record the interactions you have with clients, prospects, and partners, including meetings, emails, and social media engagements.

Enquiries Received: Track the number of enquiries received, their sources, and how you responded to them.

By keeping detailed records of these activities, you can analyze your performance and make data-driven decisions to improve your strategies. This proactive approach ensures you stay on top of your game and continually move closer to your business goals.


Implementing these strategies with dedication and consistency will not only help you stay in the game but also thrive amidst challenges. Remember, the right mindset, recognizing your value, spreading the word, leveraging social media, asking for recommendations, sending regular newsletters, and diligent follow-ups are essential components of your success. Track your progress to refine your approach and celebrate your achievements along the way. Persistence, coupled with the right approach, will lead you to success.

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